Classic Clear Application Guidelines

Classic Clear Water Based Urethane is a self activating urethane that delivers the durability near to two part solvent products, with no mixing or measuring. The waterborne technology is safer to use in confined areas, and the fast dry time means you get the job completed quickly.

Coverage = 200 square feet (18.5 sq. M) per quart

Coverage = 800 square feet (74 sq. M) per gallon

Compatibility: Apply over wood stains, sealers, and existing finishes if in good condition. Check compatibility with existing finishes on a small area before coating large areas. Oil finishes or wax must be removed before application.

Working Conditions: Protect material from freezing. Apply from 50° to 120° F (10° to 49° C). Allow 24 hours cure time at and above 70° (21° C). More time is required in colder temperatures or high humidity.

Preparation-Bare Wood: Sand as required up to 220 grit. Remove dust and wipe with acetone. Wipe with a tack rag. 1 to 2 coats of sanding sealer may be used before applying the Classic Clear Finish but is not necessary. Sand as required to level any raised grain. Remove dust and wipe with a tack rag.

Preparation-Previously Finished Surfaces: Sand with 220 grit until smooth and dull. Use a red ScotchBrite™ pad for sharp corners and edges. Remove dust with a clean damp towel, then wipe with tack rag.

Application: Stir thoroughly before using. Use bristle brushes or foam brushes, rollers or spray equipment. Use a floor coating applicator for flooring areas. Apply a thin even coat with the grain of the wood. Allow to dry for a minimum of 1 hour. Apply a second coat when the first coat achieves a firm tack. If grain raising occurred or the first coat has dried longer than 4 hours, sand with 220 grit. Remove dust with a clean damp towel, then wipe with a tack rag, and apply the second coat. More coats may be applied if desired. On flooring we recommend 3 coats for durability and 4 coats for depth.

Clean equipment thoroughly with water. Clean up spills immediately. Do not allow spills to dry.