Part 2: Application

This is where the project really starts to move, and the results begin to show quickly. It’s just the thing to lift your spirits after the prep work.

Taping and Masking

This is a very important part of the job, but it’s really no big deal. There are a couple of things that you need to know that will make a big difference in both the effort required and the results you will get.

First, decide now how to break the project into workable sections. Don’t assume that you will tape up the whole boat in ½ hour. It takes a little longer to do the job right, and we sometimes plan this for the last day before beginning the application. It can make for a very easy and usually short day.

Second, don’t use cheap white masking tape. At the very least get the green or blue tape. It can be left on for a couple of days, and used for several coats. If you want the ultimate use 3M #1071 blue vinyl tape. It will stay on long enough in the Caribbean sun to get the entire job finished, and can be easily removed in a single piece. It costs more, but it saves lots of time. One tape- up job as opposed to several makes sense to us.

Take your time and get the taping done right. Back the tape away from any joint by 1/32” to 1/16”, to make sure that no small slivers of wood are left bare. Burnish the tape down with a paint stirring stick to prevent anything creeping underneath.

Now the Good Part

Finally you’re ready to go! Give all of the surfaces a really good wipe-down with acetone as you go, but don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Mix the Bristol Finish as per the the directions (you did read the directions in the kit, right?) and you’re ready to start. We have found that mixing small batches at a time is better than larger ones. This will save you product in case of errors or changes in plans.