Traditional Amber Application Information

Welcome to the Bristol Finish Application Information page

What you need to know:

Bristol Finish Traditional Amber is here to make your wood coating project easier, less time consuming, and more cost effective in the short and long run. We really want you to have a stunning, beautiful looking and durable completed project.

To do this, in addition to the Traditional Amber Application Guidelines, we are providing you with some general guidelines and suggestions to refer to for your project. There is information here for all levels of experience.

As you plan your project and read through the Application Guidelines keep in mind he following points:

  • First, getting a beautiful long lasting finished project is not rocket science but it does take some work and attention.
  • Any pro finisher will tell you that the prep before application is the most important part of the process.
  • Moisture, before you apply, during application and after you are finished is the greatest challenge facing any wood coating.
  • Bristol Finish Traditional Amber, unlike varnish is a two part product. For best results be sure to read the application guidelines.

STEP ONE: Read the Traditional Amber Application Guidelines. These are a good general description of the application process as a whole.

  • If you have additional questions after reading the Application Guidelines we have more information on the various parts of the application process to refer to below.
  • You can also check the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) for a quick reference on various subject including troubleshooting issues should the need arise.

The application process can be broken down into three essential parts or phases with a fourth part/phase being optional:

  1. Preparing the surface (the prep)
  2. Weatherproofing the project
  3. Applying the Bristol Finish Traditional Amber
  4. Buffing/waxing (optional)

Did we mention reading the Application Guidelines?
Set, Go!


These are focused more toward the first time user.

1. Traditional Amber videos introduction

2. Surface Prep for Traditional Amber

3. Mixing the Traditional Amber

4. Applying/Brushing the Traditional Amber