Application Conditions

Compatibility: Surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and smooth. BRISTOL FINISH may be applied on bare wood, epoxy- saturated wood, over wood stains, sealers, and over existing varnish or Cetol if the finish is in good condition. Old coatings in poor condition must be removed. Teak oil must be completely removed by using a commercial teak cleaner. Check compatibility with existing coatings and stains on a small area before coating large areas.

Working Conditions: BRISTOL FINISH may be applied in full sun or shade, in temperatures from 45° to 100° F (7° to 38° C) and relative humidity of 0% to 99%. Low temperatures cause longer dry and cure times. High temperatures cause more rapid drying. Neither have any effect on appearance, durability or performance. Windy conditions may cause bubbles. Wet or damp wood may have bubbles. Applying cool material on hot surfaces will cause bubbles. Allow a minimum of 4 hours after application before any dew forms to avoid a dull appearance.

Pot Life: The working time of the catalyzed mixture is approximately 4 hours at 70° F (21° C), and longer in cooler conditions. When not in use, cover the working mixture container and store in the shade or a cool location.

Cure Times: Allow a minimum of 24 hours before normal use when temperatures are above 70° F (21°C). More time (approx. 36 – 48 hours) will be required in colder temperatures, or when working indoors with inadequate air movement.