Part 3.1: Brushing/Painting Technique

Suggested Application Technique

First, always use the widest brush that will fit on the piece. Keep a small one handy for corners and tight spots. For example, varnishing a 2’ x 2’ hatch cover with a 2” brush will guarantee brush marks.

Second, lay the coating on with one brush stroke. Gently, using light pressure. You’re not “whitewashing a fence”, so there’s no need to madly flail back and forth with heavy pressure on the brush. Resist the temptation to give it one final stroke. Without all of the needless over-brushing, the finish will flow out like glass, with no bumps or lumps or brush marks.

Continue with the other coats when the previous one is dry enough (as described in the kit directions). If you get lucky with the weather, you’re done in a day or two at most. Three to four coats today and two to three tomorrow isn’t bad. Six coats is a good start, more are better. Let it dry, pull up the tape and admire the beautiful finish that you’ve created for years to come. This is where Bristol Finish really delivers the payoff- a stunning appearance and very low maintenance.