Part 3.3: Spraying

A few notes on Spraying Bristol Finish Traditional Amber

Bristol Finish can be sprayed. This technique is generally reserved for experienced finishers as it is a more complex process and requires a deeper knowledge base. First timer sprayers should expect to go through some trial and error.

Both conventional pressure and HVLP equipment are compatible. Use settings comparable to other 2-part urethane products. Because of the variability of the different systems and environmental conditions we cannot make settings recommendations at this time.

Always make sure to clean you spray gun immediately after use.

In many circumstances the mixture will have to be thinned. Bristol Finish Thinner or acetone are suitable for this purpose. However, be aware that acetone tends to flash off fairly quickly. In higher temperature conditions Bristol Finish Tropical Reducer can also be used acting as both a thinner and increasing pot life.